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Blog Title: What is $5000 rule?
What is $5000 rule?
Category: Ductless Heating & Air Post By: Bob Hopkins (Lubbock, TX), 10/04/2016

Every electrical appliance has a specific lifespan, so does air conditioners. On an average an air conditioner with good maintenance can last up to 15 years. As your unit ages it becomes more and more rickety as a result repairing it becomes more and more costly. You will often see frequent malfunctioning of various parts. In such conditions, it is always wise to replace the unit. A rule that is very popular in the HVAC industry is that multiplying the repair cost by the age of the unit. If more than $5,000, replace; do not repair. This rule is popularly called $5,000 rule.

- Ricky Joans (Charlotte, NC), 10/12/2016
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