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Blog Title: What is Air Conditioner Water Heater?
What is Air Conditioner Water Heater?
Category: Ductless Heating & Air Post By: Fred Ross (Tampa, FL), 10/06/2016

It doubles up as a cooler cooling the hose an also as heater producing hot water for domestic use. It uses the expelled heat of the air conditioner to heat water. the heat that was released at the condenser coil can be captured for effective use. In a ACWH, the condenser unit that sits outside the house collects the expelled heat. The heat is then passed through a copper heat exchanger that connects to a home or building’s hot water tank. The heat exchanger transfers this heat to water in the tank. ACWH can cool a 1000-square-foot room and heat about 100 gallons of water per day. The unit has to be positioned in a way , that the condenser unit is close to water source. The only flip side of ACWH is that it would heat water inly when the air conditioner is running.

- Jeremy Fisher (Newark, NJ), 10/13/2016
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