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Blog Title: What is a reciprocating compressor?
What is a reciprocating compressor?
Category: Portable Air Units Post By: Sam Bell (Orlando, FL), 10/16/2016

The reciprocating compressor has one of the most versatile designs among AC compressors. The compressor uses a piston to the compress the vaporized refrigerant. The motion of the piston is achieved by a crankshaft that moves in a straight line forward and backward. This rotary motion is propelled by an electric motor. The piston moves up and down to allow refrigerant to get inside the compressor. When the piston moves down a vacuum is created and the refrigerant gets in. The piston then then moves up to compress the vaporized coolant. The refrigerant is then moved to condenser through an exhaust valve. Some compressors can have multiple cylinders.

- Cary J. (Newark, NJ), 10/20/2016
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