Why Does My Heat Pump Never Shut Down?

In the winter heat pump may seem like running continuously but this is how heat pumps are designed to work. In the winter months when it is extremely cold outside heat pumps work continuously to maintain the room temperature.

If it is not hot outside and still your heat pump runs continuously means that you do have issues with your heat pump.

Few of the common reasons are listed below:

1. Thermostat switch

There is a fan switch present in the thermostat which can be set to auto mode to turn the fan on automatically and when it is set to on mode it will run continuously.

2. Undersized equipment

If the heat pump is undersized it will consume more power and work whole day to keep the room cool or hot. It is important to buy the proper size of heat pumps.

3. Humidification

Some humidification system supply power to the blower to operate continuously to maintain the humidity set inside the room.

4. Dirty air filters

The dirt in the air filters reduces the amount of air blowing through the heater so the heat pumps have to run continuously to maintain the room temperature.

5. Failure of heat pump

Heat pump is divided into two part outdoor unit and the backup unit. If the outdoor unit fails thermostat turns on the backup unit which operates continuously to maintain the room temperature.

6. Other causes

There are various other issues because of which heat pump runs continuously:

• Low refrigerant
• Refrigerant flow problem
• Damaged compressor
• Poor compressor valves
• Outdoor unit iced up
• Thermostat set too low
• Poor insulated house




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