Why Is My Coil Frozen?

Evaporator coils are located in the indoor part of your air conditioning unit. Frozen coil is one of the most common problems in the HVAC system. Air conditioners do not work properly and become less energy efficient because of the frozen coils.

Here are few of the common reasons why your evaporator coil will start to freeze

1. Reduced air flow

Make sure that you return air vents are clean and are not clogged by dirt or dust, because it is the source for the air to enter the coils. If there is reduced air flow the temperature inside the coils will fall below 32OF and can cause the coils to freeze.

2. Dirt air filters

The biggest reason for the frozen coils is dirt air filters. If the air filters are not clean the dirt will start to build up on the coils and restrict the air flow inside the system which will result in the formation of the ice layer on the coils.

3. Low refrigerant

Leakage of the refrigerant does not allow the unit to cool properly. If the refrigerant is low the condensate present in the vapour form starts converting into liquid. This cooling condensate liquid may form the frost and result in ice formation on the coil.

4. Dirty coils

The coils of should be cleaned at regular intervals. If the coils are dirty it becomes difficult for them to absorb heat from the air and if they are not able to absorb heat they will bet to cold and start freezing.

5. Problems in evaporator can

If the evaporator fan is defective and not able to pull the air across the coil it will result in the ice formation on the coil.

6. Defective thermostat

A defective thermostat will result Ni the air conditioner running whole day even when the temperature has reached the set point. This will surely end up freezing the coils.

7. Bad contactor

If contactor of your outdoor unit is defective it will result in the outdoor unit running whole time even when it is not required to run. If the outdoor unit will run when the blower motor is not running it will end up freezing the coil.





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