Why Is My Electricity Bill High From Air Conditioner Use?

A central air conditioner provides cooling by circulating air to the entire house with the help of duct work. In a normal home a central air conditioner consumes more than 2000 kilowatts of energy per year. Even in the normal temperature air conditioner consumes 15-16% of the total electricity.

During the summer season this number moves up significantly because air conditioner becomes a necessity for the people survival. During summer season air conditioner consume more than 50% of the electric bills. An average home spends around $375 on air conditioning

If the air conditioners are not maintained properly they can consume more electricity than they are supposed to consume.

Here are few of the reasons why energy consumption increases

1. Low refrigerant

If the air conditioners are not maintained properly then they can develop the leak inside them. If the refrigerant is leaking the power of the system to cool the unit is reduced, which will make the air conditioner work harder and results in higher bill.

2. dirty filters

With the continuous usage the air filters get clogged as the dirt and dust starts building inside them. And they block the air flow inside the unit. If the air flow is reduced the air conditioner will not be able to remove the heat properly and makes the air conditioner work harder to increase the bill and will result in high bills.

3. Frozen coils

If the system is low on refrigerant then it will not be able to transfer the heat to the coils, because of which coils will start to freeze and block the air flow and reduces the efficiency of the unit.

4. Improper size

If the size of the air conditioner is smaller than your house requirement it will be forced to work harder to meet the desired room temperature and will consume higher electricity.

To avoid high electric bills you can use the following ways to reduce the bills

• Use programmable thermostat
• Cleaning your air filters
• Clean the ductwork of your system
• Call the contractors for yearly maintenance
• While buying new air conditioner make sure you purchase air conditioner with more energy stars





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