Why Is There Not Enough Air Flow From My Air Conditioner?

Poor air flow means than there is not enough air flow or less air flow than it used to be. poor air flow from the air conditioner means that your air conditioner is not been able to work efficiently.

There are several things which are to be checked if there isn’t sufficient amount of air flow

1. dirty filter

The air filters work is to stop the dust and debris from reaching the home. The air filters are need to be replaced form time to time if the dirty filters are not replaced they reduce the air flow.

2. Damper problem

If there is week air flow in only some parts of your house than there is chance that your dampers are not open. Dampers are essential valves in your ducts, when the dampers are open air flows easily to your house when the dampers are closed the air flow is reduced.

If the dampers of your system are not in correct position than turn them back on.

3. Leaking ducts

Leaking ducts are one of the most common problems of week air flow. If you have a leaky duct than call the HVAC professional to come on and seal the ducts.

4. Not enough air vents

Each duct that is receiving air should also be to return the same amount of air to system. If the return is not sufficient then the area becomes pressurized and the amount of air flow it can receive is limited. But if one end is blocked the air will not be able to flow properly.

5. Undersized ducts

The air flow could be less might be because your air ducts are too small to pass the air coming from your air conditioner. Call the professionals to resize the ducts.

6. Other problems

There are some other issues which might reduce the supply of air in your room

• Faulty indoor motor
• Loose fan belt
• Fan speed too slow





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