Why Is There Puddle Of Water Next To My Furnace?

People are surprised to finding a puddle of water next to the furnace particularly when they know that the furnace does not require any water to operate.

First thought which comes to the mind is to check the water pipes in your basement but the water may be leaking from your furnace.

Few reasons why the water leaks from the furnace are:

1. Leaking condensation

Newly designed furnaces have higher energy efficiency than old furnaces. When a furnace operates condensation is produced inside it.

There is a drain tube connecting furnace and the floor drain. Leakage is caused due to the blocked tubing or clogged condensate.

2. Improperly installed flue pipe

If you have the standard efficiency furnace than your flue pipe might not be properly placed as these furnaces do not generate condensate

3. Defective heat exchanger

If condensation is not a problem than there are chances that secondary heat exchanger is the reason for the puddle of water near your furnace. If the secondary heat exchanger is broken you might have to buy a new furnace.

4. Clogged internal drain system

Furnace and ACs have an internal drain system between them. You could have an internal drain system plug, which is sending water to the furnace.

5. Broken Humidifier

Humidifiers are connected to the plumbing work. There are chances that humidifier is cracked or broken and leaking inside your furnace.




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