Why Is Water Leaking From Ductless Air Conditioner?

The water leaking from the indoor unit of your ductless air conditioner is a sign showing that either is leakage in your system or water is not been drained properly from your system.

Common reasons for water leakage are

1. Clogged drain pipe

It is one of the most common reasons of leakage in your ductless system. Drain pipes are blocked due to dirt, rust or many other reasons.

2. Disconnected drain line

If air conditioners are not properly installed drain pipes can get disconnected because if which water runs falls from the unit and starts leaking.

3. Dirt in air filters

Dirty air filters result in air blockage over the evaporator coils which freezes the coil because of which water freezes and when it melt it results in water leakage.

4. Issues in condensate pump

With the use of air conditioners the condensate pump can rust or crack which also cause water leakage.

5. Other causes

• The drain pan inside the indoor unit is level and water cannot drain, via gravity, out the back of the system and down the drain line.
• Indoor coil frozen due to malfunction, causing melting ice to drip.
• Condensation pump not installed in proper order.





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