Working Of Air Conditioner Or Heat Pump Thermostat

A thermostat is a switch which controls the working of the air conditioner or heat pump. Only difference between light switch and a thermostat is that light switch is operated manually while thermostats are computerized.

Thermostat increases or decreases the temperature of your room based on the pre determined settings. Thermostats are highly useful for the houses with central heating and cooling system.

Thermostat turns on the air conditioner when temperature is high and turns on the furnace when the temperature is low. Thermostat turns these heat controlling devices on and off regularly, to maintain the room temperature.

Different types of thermostat

• Non programmable thermostat

These thermostats are operated manually. They are useful to display the temperature of your room and are provided with up and down temperature buttons.

• Programmable thermostat

These thermostats makes adjustment in the room temperature based on the pre determined temperature. Some of the programmable thermostats are easy to operate while some of them are difficult to program and understand.

• Wireless thermostat

Wireless thermostats are more expensive than other thermostats but these thermostats can help you to make changes in the home temperature even when you are outside. Wireless thermostats are energy efficient.

• Non digital thermostat

Non digital thermostats are very old and are rarely found. It is highly difficult to find non digital thermostat in the stores. However these thermostats can be programmed by making use of electrical timer and different switches.





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